Commercial success has a general formula: buy low, sell high. Digital currencies are no exception. In order to trade, you need to find a profitable company that you can trust with capital. In a new expert review, we will talk about Coin Coinsbit – this is a young exchange that has gained momentum in a short period of work.
Currently, more than 5,000 traders use the company’s services.
Details of the benefits of cooperation are described on the website:

  • security. All necessary measures to protect data and protect customers;
  • customer care. Gift exchange, assistance of professional managers. Employees of the company return to issues of interest and trade;
  • use of innovation. On the exchange, you can trade tokenized assets – cryptocurrencies, commodities, precious metals, energy resources, stocks, etc. d.;
  • free activity. All information about solutions for the coin market is available;
  • international activity. The company complies with the norms of international law, which is observed in financial activities.

In addition, the exchange uses a proprietary checkout based on bank delivery withdrawal statistics.

Coinsbit Reviews

The name of the band members can be found on the official website. This characterizes the company best, as traders love who exactly they work with and who they trust with their funds.

Coinsbit investment

To start investing, you need to fill out a simple electronic form.
The application form must include the following personal information:

  • name and surname;
  • password (twice);
  • email address;
  • telephone number.

The exchange adheres to the principles of AML and KYC, so all clients must go through the verification process. It is necessary to send scanned documents for identification and confirmation of registration. The stock market is strictly confidential.

Selling and buying cryptocurrencies

On the exchange, you can use two main methods of buying and selling coins. The first is a direct buyout from the exchange itself – in this case, no investor is involved in the transaction. Everything works on a very simple proposition – the use of the currency is transferred from your bank account and converted into virtual currencies according to their valuation. However, please note that when buying digital coins, special attention is paid to the owners of exchange transactions.
The second method is one in which the exchange acts only as an intermediary. It becomes a platform to meet buyers and sellers and make exchange transactions between them. We want to tell you how many coins you can buy/sell at what price. Many investors prefer this solution because the exchange funds are limited here, and the additional fees are either non-existent or very small.