OpenSea is a platform designed for trading fungible tokens. On it you can place, sell and collect other rare electronic assets. But still, the main purpose of the marketplace is to sell NFT tokens, which can be used to open various digital items and goods. This is a decentralized project, and control over the money in all transactions remains with the users.

What is opensea

OpenSea is a digital platform that was opened not so long ago – it was founded in November 2017. It is now considered a major marketplace for buying and selling digital collectibles. It has more than 300 types of assets and 10 million titles.

Thanks to this platform, you can take part in auctions, open various digital collectibles and assets.

To work on the site, users can use Ethereum cryptocurrency wallets. And if they have digital items or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), then it is thanks to the OpenSea marketplace that they can be put up for sale.

OpenSea is a great place to sell digital collectibles, but you can also open a large number of different blockchain games and digital assets on this site.

How is the registration

First you need to enter the official page of the OpenSea project. This is where you can register.

And in order to be able to purchase or sell digital products, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. And it can be used to use decentralized applications.

To make it work without problems on the OpenSea site, you can use the MetaMask wallet. It is a browser extension that allows users to work in decentralized Ethereum applications.

You can set up a wallet like this:

  • After the MetaMask extension is added to the browser, click on the “create a wallet” button (create a wallet);
  • Next, you need to come up with a password, it must be strong. It can later be used to enter MetaMask;
  • Then you need to make a backup copy of the SEED phrase. It must be written down or saved;
  • The SEED phrase is confirmed, and after that the wallet can be used for its intended purpose.

After creating a wallet and adding it to the browser, you can start buying and selling on the OpenSea platform. To make purchases, click on the “browse” tab on the site. It contains one or more categories. Collectibles and other rare digital assets can be found in this tab. You can also buy or create an offer to buy here.

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