In a new interview for The Matrix: Resurrection, Keanu Reeves shared his thoughts on cryptocurrency, NFT and the metaverse.

When asked in an interview with The Verge if he was “personally interested in cryptocurrency,” the actor replied that “a friend of mine bought me something recently,” and that he hadn’t done anything with the cryptocurrency.

“It’s called HODL when you just don’t touch your cryptocurrency. Yes, I have a small HODL, ”Reeves said.

What kind of cryptocurrencies the actor owns, he did not tell.

Along with discussing the film, Reeves speculated on the NFT industry.

Warner Bros. Pictures has been active in the crypto space, launching a 100,000 non-fungible token (NFT) series to promote the film in November. NFTs are a variety of Matrix-themed avatars and are priced at $ 50 apiece. Each NFT asked holders to choose a red or blue tablet, reflecting one of the film’s most historic moments.

During the interview, Reeves expressed skepticism about the NFT.

When asked what he thought about “digital scarcity” and “things that can’t be copied,” the actor added “they’re very easy to reproduce,” and laughed.

In terms of the hype surrounding the metaverse, Reeves wondered, “Maybe we just don’t want the metaverse to be invented by Facebook? The concept of the metaverse is much older, ”he said.