Cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency marketplace, the so-called cryptocurrency exchange, is a service that helps users buy and sell bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency. Users of these exchanges get the opportunity to buy or sell cryptocurrencies for: regular money, bank transfers, online transfers, etc.

Clients of the exchange can trade different types of cryptocurrencies. When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, pay special attention to the commission. All Bitcoin exchanges charge transaction fees. It is far from a secret that absolutely any company strives to make a profit. As a user, it is best for you to find a crypto exchange with the lowest possible cost.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are classified according to the currency traded:

– exchanges that support fiat money (allow you to exchange government currencies for cryptocurrencies);

– exchange cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency (means that you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another).

Cryptocurrency exchanges are still classified as:

– traditional cryptocurrency exchanges;

– cryptocurrency brokers;

– direct trading platforms.

Cryptocurrency Exchange MEXC (MXC)

MEXC is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018. The main and main specialization of this trading platform is providing clients with trading services with currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether USD (USDT). MEXC exchange offers its clients trading and P2P exchange services. A big plus of this platform is access to cryptocurrency ETFs.

MEXC cryptocurrency exchange – overview

Strengths MXC over competitors are:

– an affiliate program with income up to 80% of the invited trader’s deposit;

– getting additional income using staking and holding;

– 120+ cryptocurrencies to trade.

Of the pluses, it should be noted, reliability – not all exchanges are now regulated. Interbank Exchange can offer its clients more than 400 trading pairs with 127 cryptocurrencies, and this is not all the opportunities for traders. Users can also work with cryptocurrency ETFs and derivatives, making the choice of assets and trading instruments excellent here.

MEXC exchange offers traders two types of investment instruments. Users can earn additional income for simply storing cryptocurrencies in their wallet (Holding). Also on the platform MXC Staking is provided.

IAFT specialists analyzed the policy of commissions of the cryptocurrency exchange MXC . This platform offers a single commission for all traders. It is fixed at 0.2% per trade.

Advantages of the MEXC exchange according to traders’ reviews:

– a large number of digital coins;

– margin trading;

– input, purchase and withdrawal of fiat currency;

– many additional opportunities for earning;

– multilingual support, including Russian.


MXC is a cryptocurrency exchange and P2P platform that subtly specializes in crypto / crypto trading pairs. MXC offers a proprietary trading terminal and staking for passive investing.