Overview Fame Lady Squad NFT Platform

In the summer of 2021, a unique project Fame Lady Squad appeared on the cryptocurrency market of non-fungible tokens. The platform developers relied on the low representation of women in NFT and drew 8,888 female avatars. Crypto collectors immediately became interested in the Ethereum-based collection.

Creators of the unique cryptographic token

Aliases are not uncommon in cryptoindustry, but this project made an advertisement for itself on the fact that it was created by women. The authors identified themselves as Andrea, Cindy, and Kelda. As soon as Fame Lady Squad NFT the collection was minted, collectors quickly sold out.

In one month, the developers managed to get rich by $ 1.5 million. Such success could not leave the project without the careful attention of competitors who decided to look for the source of the origin of the successful platform.

Expose Fame Lady Squad

Some contributors NFT communities conducted their own fraud investigations FLS NFT . The results are as follows:

  • the creators of the project were not women, but men from the Republic of Belarus and Russia;
  • the developers have previously been seen in other feminist projects;
  • many crypto wallets FLS were the same as previous projects;
  • to understand that Russian people were involved in the development, errors in translation helped;
  • there were references to Russian show business;
  • a Analysis of similar projects that were already at the auction or were preparing to enter it, allowed us to draw a parallel and link them with Fame Lady Squard;
  • c The websites of the verified projects were designed according to the general principle, there were also mistakes in English words, the authors promoted each other’s accounts.

Review and careful tracking of the cash flows that the team received from the sale of avatars led to the creators.

The team was well versed in the mood of Western collectors, where the fight for women’s rights is topical. Russian developer NFT Fedor Linnik conducted his own investigation into the incredible popularity of FLS and published a thread where he posted all the information he had obtained.

Scammers or not FLS

FLS developers could not ignore the publications of competitors could not. At first, they called these arguments false, caused by the envy of other creators of unique tokens. But fearful of losing potential customers and under pressure from the community The NFT team admitted to cheating.

Fame Lady Squad review showed that behind a successful project, it is not always fair competition. To be successful, creators use tricks that work and make a profit. FLS assure that they just wanted to diversify the space NFT was a feminine project, and a little lie helped to achieve the desired success.