Features of the PUNKS Comic NFT platform (for PBN)

It should come as no surprise that many in the NFT community are collecting. Therefore, the idea of ​​collecting digital products convinces traditionalists to become NFT enthusiasts who have been swept over the Ethereum blockchain. As for the latter, it is becoming very popular on a global scale.

Features of the new project

In this regard, the project is gaining popularity PUNKS Comic , at the head which is the collector NFT and a very influential character – Bini. In addition, the media company Pixel Vault is participating in it. It is noteworthy that overview of this project can be found on the global network.

Initially Punks Comic NFT provided an excellent opportunity as a kind of comic strip NFT generating income for investors. It was launched in May this year. After the acquisition, they became the owners of the NFT, which features the cover of the comic, as well as its digital version in PDF format.

The name of the main character Punk Comic is the same as the project manager, Bini. It searches for “Lost Heists” based on a set of generated NFTs. As for them, they, as noted by many, are in inactive wallets.

Punks Comic , reviews by which are generally positive, launched with a significant roadmap allowing NFT holders to:

  • keep them;
  • burn;
  • receive rewards from various operations.

But initially, many investors did not understand the concept of this project, and therefore it stopped for a while after the start. After a few months, he was doing well and trading was resumed.

Current situation with the project

Investors were informed that the project will not be limited directly to one NFT, and for holders of less than 5 thousand numbered comics, a second edition is provided, called “Bored Monkeys”. There was also an announcement for a 2 week claims period.

It should be noted that PUNKS Comic , which started out as a simple project, has become a whole universe of not only gamification, but also rewards. It is noteworthy that the product, which was previously available at a price of 0.2 ETH, has become one of the most profitable if you focus on the NFT ecosystem.


It can be assumed that the project in question will be even more popular than at the moment. At the same time, the developers are expected to continue to develop it, which will lead to an increase in the profitability of the implemented NFTs. There may be new comics that will attract the attention of investors.

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